The key to getting the fastest service possible is to provide as much information as possible in the original ticket.  

The ticketing system has your name and email address but doesn't know where you are located so include your computer "MSA number", room number or where we can find you in the body of your ticket.

Include as much information as possible in the ticket.  If there is an error displayed tell us what the error says.  If the computer tells you something needs to be installed let us know what that is.  Any information about what you were doing when the problem occurred is helpful.  Many problems can be solved remotely if we have a good idea what's wrong.  Stating that your computer doesn't work right won't help us and may delay how quickly we are able to respond.

Giving us the MSA number of your computer enables us to remotely access your computer, saving travel time and multiple emails or trips to your desk.

Using the Help Desk system and giving us good information can "Help us help you".